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Centre for Quantum Information and Foundations


Accommodating Fabrication Defects on Floquet Codes with Minimal Hardware Requirements
C McLauchlan, GP Gehér, AE Moylett
Magic and Majorana Fermions in Quantum Computing, Topological Matter, and Dynamics
C McLauchlan
SymTFT out of equilibrium: from time crystals to braided drives and Floquet codes
V Motamarri, C McLauchlan, B Béri
Error-corrected Hadamard gate simulated at the circuit level
GP Gehér, C McLauchlan, ET Campbell, AE Moylett, O Crawford
Dynamical Magic Transitions in Monitored Clifford+T Circuits
M Bejan, C McLauchlan, B Béri
A new twist on the Majorana surface code: Bosonic and fermionic defects for fault-tolerant quantum computation
C McLauchlan, B Béri
Fermion-Parity-Based Computation and Its Majorana-Zero-Mode Implementation
CK McLauchlan, B Béri
– Physical Review Letters

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Centre for Quantum Information and Foundations




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