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Centre for Quantum Information and Foundations

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Parallelization of Adaptive Quantum Channel Discrimination in the Non-Asymptotic Regime
B Bergh, N Datta, R Salzmann, MM Wilde
– IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
Entanglement Entropy in Scalar Quantum Electrodynamics
S Fedida, A Mazumdar, S Bose, A Serafini
Error-corrected Hadamard gate simulated at the circuit level
GP Gehér, C McLauchlan, ET Campbell, AE Moylett, O Crawford
Efficient Algorithms for All Port-Based Teleportation Protocols
A Wills, M-H Hsieh, S Strelchuk
Origin of Symmetry Breaking in the Grasshopper Model
D Llamas, J Kent-Dobias, K Chen, A Kent, O Goulko
Simulating Quantum Circuits Using Efficient Tensor Network Contraction Algorithms with Subexponential Upper Bound.
TB Wahl, S Strelchuk
– Physical review letters
Discovering optimal fermion—qubit mappings through algorithmic enumeration
M Chiew, S Strelchuk
– Quantum
Provable Advantage in Quantum PAC Learning
W Salmon, S Strelchuk, T Gur
Towards practical quantum position verification
G Cowperthwaite, A Kent, D Pitalua-Garcia
Infinite Dimensional Asymmetric Quantum Channel Discrimination
B Bergh, J Kochanowski, R Salzmann, N Datta
Gaussian decomposition of magic states for matchgate computations
J Cudby, S Strelchuk
The measurement postulates of quantum mechanics are not redundant
A Kent
Minimal port-based teleportation
S Strelchuk, M Studziński
– New Journal of Physics
Tree-level entanglement in quantum electrodynamics
S Fedida, A Serafini
– Physical Review D
Speeding Up Learning Quantum States Through Group Equivariant Convolutional Quantum Ansatze
H Zheng, Z Li, J Liu, S Strelchuk, R Kondor
– PRX Quantum
Generalised Coupling and An Elementary Algorithm for the Quantum Schur Transform
A Wills, S Strelchuk
Noise is resource-contextual in quantum communication
A Nema, AG Maity, S Strelchuk, D Elkouss
Composite Classical and Quantum Channel Discrimination
B Bergh, N Datta, R Salzmann
Friendly thoughts on thoughtful friendliness
A Kent
Simultaneous superadditivity of the direct and complementary channel capacities
S Singh, S Strelchuk